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  FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 2, 2012 4:35am-4:42am PDT

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now as he does every monday. he's not here live. but do you want to smell like donald trump, brian? >> say that again. >> i've got donald trump's cologne. >> i want to feel lake -- >> shoot me with it. i like men's cologne better than women's perfume. >> i finally for the first time in my life, mr. trump, i feel like a success. after the battle is smelling like it. >> i hope you go to macy's and buy it. it's doing great and i hope you go to macy's and buy it and it's called success. >> women can wear it, too. >> women can wear it and they can smell it. >> ok. smells like money. it's called success. >> smells like money, right. >> speaking of money, does president obama have a problem with capitalism? because he said some things towards the end of last week where it sounded like not a big fan of capitalism. we'll play that first for you, mr. trump. >> if we cling to this same old, worn out, tired you're on your own economics that the other side is peddling. they act like we haven't tried
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it. we tried it! it was tried in the decades before the great depression. it didn't work then. it was tried in the last decade. it didn't work. you know, the -- the -- the idea that you would keep on doing the same thing over and over again even though it's been proven not to work. that's a sign of madness. >> forget that's the case, donald, because as i recall, the stock market, nasdaq and private business is doing pretty well during some of those years. >> that's true. and object yuls, this is electoral talk. this is somebody that wants to get elected and probably from a political standpoint he's doing the right thing but from an actual standpoint and from a country's standpoint, not good. this is somebody that really wants to get elected and will say anything that he has to say to get elected. >> and he's also brought up the buffet rule again, those horrible people on wall street
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not paying enough in taxes because warren buffet's secretary pays more than he does. and also, he vilified the oil companies on friday morning. is that an effective approach? >> well, i don't know, but, you know, warren buffet is in a major tax dispute with the united states treasury right now and they're suing each other for hundreds of millions of dollars on getting back taxes for net jets which warren buffet owns and he's trying to get back hundreds of millions of dollars. it's sort of interesting, he talks about the secretary all the time but nobody mentions the little article that there's this major, and i mean major, lawsuit going on having to do with taxes that they claim warren buffet owes. >> that's right. >> meanwhile, donald, you know, it's autism awareness day and the facts came out last week that so many more people are being diagnosed with autism than before. have you been thinking about that? >> well, i've been very much involved with it over the years. i have some great friends, bob and suzanne wright who used to head up nbc, as you remember, they've really devoted their life to autism.
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and they've had a serious event take place in their family and they're fantastic people and i've helped them over the years and we've had fundraisers at other places and i've gotten to be pretty familiar with the subject and, you know, i have a theory and it's a theory that some people believe in. and that's the vaccinations. i mean, we never had anything like this -- this is now an epidemic. it's way, way up over the last 10 years. it's way up over the last two years. and you know, when you take a little baby that weighs like 12 pounds into a doctor's office and they pump them with many, many simultaneous vaccinations, i'm all for vaccinations, but i think that when you add all of the vaccinations together and then two months later, the baby is so different and lots of different things have happened, i really -- and i've known cases. i knew a case, a 2-year-old child went for the vaccination and the child was fine. a month later, the parent was up in arms and didn't know what was going on because the people had just lost it.
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>> and you know that most physicians disagree with that. >> i know they do. >> and the studies have said it's no link. it used to think there was mercury in those vaccinations which we haven't had for years and yet we're at the highest time of autism. >> it's controversial to even say, i couldn't care less. i've seen people where they have, you know, a perfectly healthy child and they go for the vaccinations and a month later, the child is no longer healthy. >> sounds like something doug flutey, your former quarterback said happened to his son. about 2 1/2, he stopped talking. >> it happened to somebody that worked for me recently. i mean, they had this beautiful child. not a problem in the world and all of a sudden, they go in and get this monster shot. ever seen the size of it? it's like they're pumping in, you know, it's terrible! the amount and they pump this into this little body and all of a sudden, the child is different a month later and i strongly believe that's it. now, they have vaccinations but do them separately and over an
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extended period of time. not at all one time. >> i had no idea you were this involved in that. we're doing a segment a little bit later on autism today. but one thing that happened, i could not sleep and i blame you, i started watching "celebrity apprenti apprentice" again on sunday and i could not believe this meltdown from former sensational talk show host arsenio hall. listen. >> it's another word that puts the i in t. >> i was just saying to -- >> she's a very -- >> proud of me as a writer. >> but she's not -- >> she's not writing. >> you didn't write mine. you didn't write mine. you didn't write mine. so the totality of your statement right here is untrue. >> so that was arsenio hall. he was fired up with aubrey. >> he didn't get kicked off? >> no, he didn't. last night it was dee snyder who is really a good guy and debbie gibson, two terrific people and they sort of understood it. it was lots of complex reasons
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but the fact is they -- they were -- last night was a three hour episode. i'm just saying to nbc, i mean, three hours, that's a lot! >> it's almost like us. >> yeah. it's exactly like you come to think of it. but, you know, three hours on sunday night primetime, that's a lot of -- that's a lot of apprentice. >> you also had arsenio hall cry twice. once after he won. and then again in the green room. did you have any idea this guy was this emotional? >> he's emotional but he's smart and he's cunning and he doesn't like taking a lot of nonsense from people and you'll see that actually in the coming weeks even more so. he's very good. he's very talented and he's a good guy. >> i like the way the episode started last night where they had to -- the two teams had to come up with celebrity tour books of new york city. it was a great idea and then you see all the celebrities around town pointing at their favorite things. >> we have amazing people in the show. and it's, you know, really been an honor to be associated with it for -- this is now 12 seasons, if you can believe it. >> yeah. >> it's been amazing. >> your sons were great last night, too. >> smells like success once
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again, donnald trump joining us on the horn. hope to see you back here next monday. >> thank you very much. >> suddenly gretchen finds us attractive for the first time -- >> we smell successful. >> we are smelling a lot of it around here, i can tell you